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Business Planning and Management Consulting

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Business Planning and Management Consulting

Do you need advice on how to better manage the financial aspects of your business? Feltham & Associates provides business planning and management consulting in the St. John’s area. We can help you make your business more profitable. Our services include:

  • Business sales and acquisitions

  • Business valuations

  • Business plans and proposals

  • Corporate restructuring and mergers

  • Financial projections

  • Forensic accounting and litigation support

  • Profit analysis and counseling

  • Risk management

  • Retirement and succession planning

  • Strategic planning

Buying or Selling?
We can help you to establish a value for your business and to consider important accounting and tax planning aspects when signing a purchase and sale agreement.

Profit Analysis and Counselling

Using the latest technology, we can carry out a comprehensive analysis which will allow us to develop and implement strategies for increasing your business’s profitability.

Better Planning

Take your first steps on the road to success with better planning for the future.

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